Planning a conference, workshop or expo display takes a lot of time and attention to detail. Having an event planner to help navigate all aspects from conception to clean up can be invaluable. Let us help with the organisation of a venue, catering, accommodation, travel needs, styling, costings, risk assessments and generally being the “go to person” to help bring your vision to life – making your event a success.

Follow-up communication after the event is an essential part of your strategy. This service is available following a seminar, conference or workshop. We can compile feedback emails with participants should you choose. A great way to capture ideas for future workshops or speakers.


Positioning yourself as a leader or expert in your field through a speaker series, a workshop, a conference or a panel can help to increase your business opportunities. By targeting current customers, extending invitations to attract new customers or colleagues (depending on the industry) you are able to market your business as an authority.


Thinking about having a product launch to gain exposure for a new product. We can help you create that feeling of exclusivity for existing customers and collegues.


Appreciation events build loyalty and are a great way reward a dedicated team. Traditionally these are off site and can reflect on the businesses achievements and it’s vision for the year ahead. These type of events emphasise on the social aspect and are about communicating to your team that you value them.